Gas Detection Strips

They are paper strips impregnated with sensing chemicals by a special process to detect the target gases The strip on exposure to the target gas changes its colour. The time it takes to change the colour is related to the target gas concentration.

Easy to handle.
No technical skill required
Sharp color change on exposure to target gas
No other chemicals or solution required
No other costly accessories required
  • It is best suited for the spot check of toxic gas detection.

    It is useful for the air investigation at work place & confined space - e g.
    Petrochemical & Refineries
    Chemical & Fertilizer
    FumigationPulp & Paper Mills Industries
    Municipal Departments
    Environmental monitoring agencies and many more
  • Semi quantitative method of gas detection.

    Available for H2S, HCN, PH3, AsH3, Mercaptan
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