Matts Monitors Ltd supplies a full range of continuous real time construction dust monitors.


Our 6150 dust monitors measure 1 particle size with a fraction size specific head these consist of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM7, PM10 and TSP.


Our 7150 dust monitor series measure up to 6 particle sizes simultaneously with a TSP head and the particle sizes can be specified by the end user.


Dust Monitoring

These state of the art dust monitors have the following benefits:


  • Low energy
  • Laser scatter technology
  • User definable data points
  • Solar/Battery power option
  • Heated inlet
  • Tripod based option
  • Wind speed/direction option
  • Analog outputs
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Basic Installation
  • Weather Proof to IP5 standards
  • Web based data option
  • Remote data collection
  • E-mail/text alarms for breaches in concentrations specified by the end user
  • Downloading of data via laptop
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Additional filter for measurements by laboratory
Construction Dust Monitor

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